Lloyd is annoyed with Michelle as she seems to have told the world and his wife about Steve's secret proposal plans. He confides in Becky about how it all got out of hand and when Steve finally does arrive back Lloyd knows he will have to face the music. Michelle gets to Steve before he can tackle Lloyd and an incredulous Steve is also faced with Becky breezing into the Rovers and offering to pull him a pint. Lloyd has other problems to deal with as Clarissa is becoming more and more demanding – she even insists on him taking her to the pub which he didn't think came under his job description as her driver. Sally tells the factory girls about Tony's offer on the garage and Kevin's refusal to sell. She asks Rosie to keep an ear out for any important info – unaware that Rosie has already sold them down the river. Meanwhile Tony introduces Carla to his mate Jimmy, a mechanic – his latest weapon in the David and Goliath battle between him and Kevin Webster. Dev is watching Tony at work with a begrudging admiration so he is less than impressed when Norris talks to him about how the "small fish" like himself and Dev should all swim together to try and out-manoeuver the Tonys of the world. After an emotional visit to the prison, Deirdre feels that Ken is more interested in the past and his university reunion than her and Tracy.


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