Pam tells Jack she's determined to get Tyrone to propose to Molly. Gail persuades Ted to stay for a few more days. Teresa convinces Jerry to let her stay a bit longer and look after him while Mel goes on holiday with Abi. Fiz is furious when she discovers John's got a job with Street Cars. Rosie saunters past hitching her skirt up and John studiously ignores her. Kevin marches into the taxi office and angrily tells Steve and Lloyd what he thinks of them for giving John a job. Rosie lies to Fiz making out how John's been pestering her too. Fiz is upset. David catches Tina sending an email. He's suspicious wondering who she's emailing. Clarissa tells Harry she's happy with the settlement and they should go ahead and get divorced. Harry's taken aback. Chesney threatens John telling him to stay away from Fiz. Fiz confronts John saying how she knows he's been trying to get back with Rosie too. John insists he hasn't even spoken to her. John tells Rosie she's an evil tart and if she screws up his relationship with Fiz again he'll make her pay. Rosie's scared.


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