Teresa is surprised to see Jerry lively and well. Ken is still editing his novel which is causing friction at the Barlows' house. Kevin defends his decision to abstain from Tony's offer. Rosie feels guilty. Joe calls in at the Platts' house to drop off a top for Tina. He invites Gail to the Rovers. Audrey drops by at the Builder's Yard and tells Bill that Ted is staying at her house. Sally asks for overtime. Carla fumes as Tony leaves her to deal with a late delivery. Blanche sneaks a look at Ken's manuscript and gets Deirdre intrigued too. Tony forces his way into Mr Stone's terrace despite his protests. Darryl slips up and Tina susses out the reason why David has been so attentive of late. Ken wonders where his manuscript is. Blanche has hidden it to read later. Tony tries to bribe Jed with £2,000. He stands firm until Tony leaves. Tina heads straight for David for a dressing down.


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