The Websters' electric bill is huge as they prepare to go on holiday. Tyrone can't work out why Molly is acting strange. She still hasn't found the ring. Marcus heads off to London to do a course in botox administering. As Michelle prepares for Belgium, Liz tells Steve that she's taking advantage. Rosie impresses Tony with her work on the invitations for the opening of the flats. Roy arrives back. He's irritated that Vernon is serving fries not chips. Tony takes Jason to the row of terraces he wants boarding up. Jed tells Tony that he isn't going anywhere without a fight. Tony is slightly unnerved. Pam recalls the pickle from the butchers as the search for Molly's ring continues. David is mourning the loss of his job and is angry with Tina. Gail receives a call from Joe which she is furtive about in front of David. Michelle puts Steve in his place when he suggests that she constructed their make-up to suit her needs while she's away. Kevin attends a breakdown where his truck is stolen. He knows that Tony's behind it all.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tony ruthlessly steps up his takeover campaign as Kevin falls foul of a hoax call-out; and a worried Steve begins to suspect Michelle had an ulterior motive for their reconciliation.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,040,000 viewers (5th place).
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