Janice and Leanne are excited when the bank card arrives in Rosie's name. Janice celebrates by skiving off work and making Roger a champagne breakfast. Sophie shows Kevin a flier she's made for the garage. Kevin's touched. Sally's worried sick when she discovers that Rosie's bed hasn't been slept in. Kevin reckons Rosie's just up to her usual tricks. Tony tells Carla how Rosie booked a hotel room and made a pass at him but he turned her down. Carla's visibly nervous wondering if Rosie's told him anything about her and Liam but Tony covers and Carla's none the wiser. Tony rifles through Carla's desk drawer and takes a bank statement and receipts. Dan gets a call from Harry saying he's going to sell the business but offers Dan first refusal. Dan's annoyed. Kevin and Sally confront John demanding to know if he's had anything to do with Rosie's disappearance. John's offended and assures them he hasn't. Jerry, Kayleigh and Finlay leave for Spain. Darryl and Mel say an emotional farewell. Tony tells Kevin and Sally how he took Rosie for lunch, she made a pass at him, he turned her down and left her at the hotel feeling humiliated. Kevin's furious and accuses Tony of trying to seduce his daughter. Bill and Sally have to pull Kevin back and prevent him from punching Tony.


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