Liam's an emotional wreck but Maria's none the wiser. DC Hooch questions Becky again about her affair with Steve. Becky lies and gives him made-up times and dates. Leanne arranges to collect her stuff from Dan's. Sophie's put out when it's obvious Kevin's forgotten about her swimming gala. Tony's stag do takes place. The lads start off with a fry up in Roy's Rolls. Liam can't stop thinking about Carla. He surreptitiously texts her. Becky warns Steve to stick to her story where DC Hooch is concerned. David starts his new job working for Joe. Carla's hen do takes place. The girls have organised a beautician in the Rovers. Carla reads Liam's text and disappears. Rita offers Tina a job in The Kabin and promises to pay her £1.50 an hour more than the takeaway. Tina's thrilled and accepts. Liam and Carla meet in the Rovers' backyard. They kiss passionately. Liam tells Carla she mustn't marry Tony. Tony takes a call from Giles his accountant. Giles warns him he's got major cash-flow problems. Tony's dismissive. Kevin's shocked when he receives a postcard saying "Sophie's next". Tony makes a speech and Lloyd raises a toast to the "last man standing". Liam's uneasy.


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  • This and the following four episodes were part of 'murder week', five episodes set on one day culminating in Liam Connor's death.
  • TV Times synopsis: The first of tonight's episodes heralds the start of 'murder week', focusing on the events of just one day, during which Liam Connor meets his demise at the hands of Tony Gordon.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 10,270,000 viewers (1st place).
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