Liam is deeply upset by Carla's rejection. Tony's suspicious. Amber entertains Darryl in the flat but they're interrupted by David and Tina. Molly invites Kevin and Sophie round for supper. Pam regales Sophie with stories of her mis-spent youth to take her mind off Rosie. Kevin's grateful. The stags play a game of "Whose wife or girlfriend would you like to sleep with?". Tony presses Liam for an answer. It suddenly dawns on Liam that Tony knows about his affair with Carla. The girls arrange a surprise party and stripper in the Rovers for Carla. She's forced to join in although secretly she's torn apart. Leanne can't believe that Carla's told Liam it's over between them. Carla explains she's done it for his sake, Maria's sake and the baby. Rita and Audrey enjoy the stripper a much as the girls. Carla suggests Maria should go and find Liam and tell him about the baby. Maria takes her advice and sets off to town in a cab. As the stags set off for a lap dancing club Liam can't find his wallet containing the kitty. Tom offers to go back to the bar to look for it but Tony insists Liam goes instead. As Liam sets off across the road he's killed by an oncoming car. The stags are shocked as Tony cradles Liam's dead body.


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  • Last appearance of Ted Page until 28th January 2009.
  • Richard Hammatt was credited as the Stunt Co-ordinator, with Will Willobough and Crispin Layfield as Stunt Doubles on this episode.
  • Downtown by Petula Clark is used as incidental music in the scenes just after Liam has been run over.
  • Three totally different death scenes were recorded for Liam Connor, with Tony Gordon featuring as the killer in each case. In the days leading up to "murder week", ITV released pictures from each scenario, and viewers were left to guess which one would eventually be used in the programme, with Liam's hit-and-run fate not revealed until the episode was broadcast. The other death scenes were a fall from a balcony which took place during the day and saw Tony push Liam over the balcony from one of the higher storey flats in Victoria Court (It is unclear when this scene would have taken place within the context of this week's episodes) and a shooting which would have taken place during the paintball game in Episode 6926 and saw Tony first eliminate Liam from the paintball game and then shoot him with a real gun.
  • TV Times synopsis: Carla must decide whether to marry Tony, unaware he is intent on taking revenge against his arch enemy; and Maria prepares to tell Liam he is going to be a father.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,900,000 viewers (6th place).
  • This episode was included in the Network DVD collection Coronation Street: The Best of 2000-2009, released on 31st October 2011.
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