Fiz catches up with Rosie outside the house. She calls the police. It's Sophie's birthday and Kevin and Sally are doing their best to be cheerful when the phone rings. It's Rosie. Sally cries tears of relief. John regains consciousness and staggers out of the house. He begs Fiz for forgiveness but Fiz ignores his pleas. The police arrest John. Tom finds Ozzy on the Red Rec and brings him home to Maria. Blanche watches Postman Pat with Simon. Ken suggests to Peter that he should go and get some fireworks so they can celebrate Bonfire Night. Kevin and Sally turn up at John's grandmother's house. Kevin's furious when he finds out it was John who abducted Rosie and threatens to kill him. Tom explains to Maria how Liam never wanted to go into business with Carla as he knew it would upset her. Maria feels slightly comforted. Rosie arrives home. Sophie's genuinely pleased to see her sister. Fiz returns home upset. Julie wonders what's the matter and Fiz breaks down. Peter turns up late with the fireworks reeking of booze. Ken's unimpressed. John's locked up in a police cell. Sally puts Rosie to bed. Rosie swears that John never touched her. Sally's relieved and just grateful to have her daughter home.


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Blanche Hunt: "Like Postman Pat do yer?"
Simon Barlow: "It's me favourite."
Blanche Hunt: "Really? So long as you remember it's a work of fiction - 'Early in the morning. When the day is dawning' - Yer real Postman Pat rolls up about noon wearing a pair of shorts and his breakfast... and, if he's not chucking elastic bands like confetti, he'll be rifling through your birthday cards for ready cash. Or... leaving yer valuables out on the step."
Ken Barlow: "Blanche!"
Blanche Hunt: "He's entitled to the truth - nowt but propaganda is this. And as for Mrs Goggins - she'll be cowering behind three inch glass with a baseball bat under the counter, assuming that her Post Office hasn't been shut down, of course."

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