Episode 6951
Production code P694/6951
ITV transmission date 21st November 2008
(Friday - Part 1)
Script editor Sarah Mann
Verity Ellis
Story editor Stuart Blackburn
Story associates John Kerr
Louise Sutton
Iain MacLeod
Angela O'Neill
Lee O'Donnell
Cathianne Hall
Writer Jonathan Harvey
Designer Alan Davis (uncredited)
Director Kay Patrick
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Kim Crowther
Previous episode 17th November 2008
Next episode 21st November 2008


Hayley's finding it hard to adjust to life back in Weatherfield. Joe and Gail set off on their weekend away. Hayley gives Becky a present from Africa. Becky's made up. Norris gets a call to say that he came second in the Cliff Richard competition. He's disappointed to hear that Mary Taylor came first. He recognises her name. Darryl's upset when he gets a call from Jerry to say that he's selling the takeaway to Dev and putting the house on the market. Steve lies to Michelle saying he's got a meeting at the brewery when really he's going to meet Becky's solicitor. Hayley tells Roy that Tilly, a girl she shared a tent with in Mozambique is coming over to drop off one of Hayley's bags which she took by accident. Darryl's angry with Amber for encouraging her to show the takeaway accounts to Dev only to find out he's gone behind their backs. Minnie stands up for Amber. Graeme asks Ashley for a job in the butchers. Jed's discharged from hospital. Emily asks him to move in with her and Jed's very grateful. Darryl's annoyed when a "To Let" board goes up outside No.6. Hayley admits to Roy that she's fallen in love with Mozambique and its people and she wants to return. Roy's gutted.


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