Steve's under pressure. Michelle wants him to get the Rovers ready for her parents' party whilst Becky wants him to testify for her in court. Amber says goodbye to Darryl and leaves for Finland. Dev realises that he's over-stepped the mark. Barry takes Steve to one side and tells him that the family would be delighted if he married Michelle. Steve's evasive. Dev tries to run the takeaway single-handed but it's obvious he doesn't know what he's doing. Becky and Fiz tell Hayley how much they missed her and her words of wisdom. Dev asks Darryl if he'd like to be manager of the takeaway. Darryl accepts but gives Dev a list of his terms and conditions. Dev has no choice but to comply. Maria admits to Helen and Barry that she's frightened of going for a scan in case there's anything wrong with the baby. Helen's supportive and offers to go with her. A journalist approaches Fiz asking for her side of the kidnap story but Fiz tells her that she's not interested. Roy suggests to Hayley she should get a job helping others as it's her vocation. Becky tells Steve she realises he's got too much to lose and she doesn't expect him to testify for her in court.


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