Steve tells Becky he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and he's going to break the news to Michelle today. Becky's ecstatic. Deirdre arrives back from Lourdes. Ken fills her in on the situation with Peter. Helen and Barry take Maria for her scan. The baby is fine and Maria cries tears of relief. Graeme moves out of the Platts house. He asks David and Tina if they think it's the foolishness of his appearance that Gail objected to. Carla and Tony call to see Rosie. They promise her a promotion and a pay rise. Deirdre calls to see Peter and Simon. She tries to persuade Peter they need to pull together as a family. Tony tells Rosie that he wants her to look after the factory for him while they're on their honeymoon. He asks her to keep it a secret for now. Steve tries to dump Michelle but he's thwarted when she tells him how much he means to her. Becky's upset that Steve's let her down and tells him about the first person who has ever asked her out. Steve promises they'll be together. He tells her that he's got a plan - all he has to do is get Michelle to hate him again.


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