Episode 6965
Production code P694/6965
ITV transmission date 12th December 2008
(Friday - Part 1)
Script editor Sarah Mann
Story editor Stuart Blackburn
Story associates John Kerr
Louise Sutton
Iain MacLeod
Angela O'Neill
Lee O'Donnell
Cathianne Hall
Writer Chris Fewtrell
Designer Alan Davis (uncredited)
Director Jason Beresford
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Kim Crowther
Previous episode 10th December 2008
Next episode 12th December 2008


Molly arrives home in a state having spent the night crying. Michelle's finding it impossible to talk to Steve who snaps at her for the slightest thing. Michelle's hurt and wonders why he's acting so strangely. Molly accuses Tyrone of having an affair with Minnie. Tyrone denies it. Eileen tidies the house in preparation for her dad's visit. Maria gets Tom to talk her through the stag evening in detail. Tom tells her how Tony insisted that Liam went back to the bar to look for the kitty. Maria pieces together the evidence and is now totally convinced Tony arranged for Liam's murder. Tyrone explains to Molly how he and Pam have been flogging knock-off goods. He's about to tell her how the money was for their wedding fund as a surprise but Pam stops him and pretends the money was for her. She lies by saying that Tyrone was helping her to pay off her debts. Maria marches into the factory and starts going through Tony's files. Fiz leads distraught Maria home. Audrey and Fiz agree that Maria needs to see a doctor. Eddie asks Steve for a job at Street Cars. He's fed up when Steve agrees to give him a trial. Anna's pleased. Eileen's dad Colin arrives but instead of going straight round to Eileen's house he heads for the bookies. Molly packs her things and announces she's moving out. Tyrone's gutted but Molly tells him the trust has gone and she feels she no longer knows him.


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