Pam's in hospital recovering from the explosion. She's worried that Molly will be furious with her. Tyrone clears up the back yard. Jack's worried he'll never see his pigeons again. Molly blames Tyrone for the biodiesel explosion insisting he must have been in on the scam. Tyrone protests his innocence. Lloyd and Liz have spent the night together in Lloyd's flat. They agree to keep their relationship quiet for now. Peter's hungover having polished off half the whisky. He drops Simon round at Ken and Deirdre's house and pretends he's still on the wagon. Michelle puts pressure on Steve to spend a few days in Ireland with her. Becky's unimpressed. Amber gets Darryl to sabotage the taps in the Corner Shop flat so Tara will have to ask for Dev's help. Her plan backfires when Tara accuses Dev of sabotaging them himself. Gary continues to harass Tina. David's furious but Tina tells him to ignore it. Tyrone proposes to Molly again and tells her in future Aunty Pam is her problem and not his. Molly's about to reply when suddenly Tyrone's mum Jackie bursts in announcing she's come to stay.


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