Jack begs the police to let Tyrone go explaining how he's getting married in an hour. Gary calls round to No.8 and tells Tina he needs access to the bedrooms as he's taking down the Christmas lights. Tina begrudgingly lets him in. Molly's horse and carriage arrives. Molly's ecstatic as Pam explains how Tyrone's got all sorts of surprises lined up for her special day. Tyrone finds himself hand-cuffed while Jack manages to bribe the police to postpone Tyrone's arrest until after his wedding. Molly, Amber and Pam arrive at the church only to discover Tyrone hasn't arrived yet. Molly panics as she sets off in the horse and carriage again to kill time. Leanne spends the afternoon with Peter and Simon. Leanne and Peter end up kissing passionately. Gary persuades Tina to make him a cup of tea. Tina can't help warming to him. Tyrone finally arrives at the church. Jack lies to Molly saying the car broke down. Pam suggests Jack should walk Molly down the aisle instead of her. Molly agrees and Jack's flattered. Tyrone's so worried about breaking the news to Molly that he's going to be arrested after the wedding he faints at the altar. Molly and Tyrone exchange vows and are married.


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