Episode 6995
Production code P694/6995
ITV transmission date 21st January 2009
Script editor Sarah Mann
Story editor Stuart Blackburn
Story associates Louise Sutton
Iain MacLeod
Angela O'Neill
Lee O'Donnell
Cathianne Hall
Martin Sterling
Writer David Bowker
Designer Alan Davis
Director Pip Short
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Kim Crowther
Previous episode 19th January 2009
Next episode 23rd January 2009


Bill and Jason discover the break-in and the missing copper piping. Bill phones the police. Jason reckons Joe might have done it as he's so short of money. Gail's worried about Joe as he hasn't been home since their row. Eddie quizzes Gary about the burglary at the Builder's Yard. Gary denies all knowledge but Eddie knows that his son's lying. Maria starts back at the Salon and finds out from Emily how Jed suddenly disappeared. Maria's immediately suspicious and wonders if Tony's behind it. Tina finds Joe at his lock-up. She tells him to sort himself out. Joe arrives for work and finds out about the burglary. Gary calls in the yard and suggests Joe nicked the copper piping himself. Joe loses his temper and pins Gary down. Bill and Jason have to pull him off. Amber's put out to find Dev's taken Minnie on in the Corner Shop whilst Amber's working in the kebab shop. Chesney tries to cheer Fiz up by setting her up with Graeme but Fiz isn't interested. Eddie begs Gary to do something with his life and not to follow a life of crime. Gary points out what a useless role model Eddie is. David bangs on the Windasses door in a rage and accuses Gary of stealing the copper piping.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Fiz Brown: "Has the paper not arrived yet?"
Kirk Sutherland: "Nah, that paperboy's useless."
Chesney Battersby-Brown: "I'm the paperboy."
Kirk Sutherland: "Oh.... yeah!"

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