Kevin rushes to Maria's car to check she's alright. Carla runs to Tony's side, relieved to find him conscious. Fiz calls an ambulance. Gary suggests to Jason and Tina that David tried to frame him for the burglary because he's jealous and worried that Tina fancies him. Eileen hears Julie's surname for the first time and asks her if she ever knew a Paula Carp. Julie confirms that's her mum's name. After several tests the midwife confirms that Maria's baby is unharmed. Maria cries tears of relief. Ken takes Eccles for a walk along the canal. Eccles falls in the water and a lady on a passing narrow boat, Martha, rescues the dog. She invites Ken aboard for some soup. Ken and Martha instantly hit it off. Sophie arrives back from swimming in a bad mood. She refuses to discuss it. Ken arrives home but avoids telling Deirdre about the incident with Eccles. Eileen tells Julie it would be nice to get in touch with Paula as they were great friends at school. The police call to see Maria and suggest she tried to run Tony over on purpose. Maria denies it but the police tell her they'll be speaking to Tony and she may find herself on an attempted murder charge.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Maria faces up to the repercussions of her actions, fearing for the health of her unborn child and worrying she could face a charge of attempted murder; and Ken meets an attractive woman while walking the dog.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 10,480,000 viewers (1st place).
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