Becky gives Amy her breakfast which irritates Liz. Julie helps Janice with her maths homework. Fiz is impressed and asks Julie if she'd help Chesney sometimes. Tina's getting jittery about the court case. David tries to calm her down. Luke chats to the factory girls in their tea-break. Tony's annoyed by his soft approach. Anna's deeply upset at the thought of Gary going to prison. Gary tries to placate his mum and Len secretly resolves to try and sort it out. Rosie tells Ryan that Sophie's friend Sian fancies him. Sian's mortified and Sophie's furious with her sister. Luke tells Tony he's going to have a chat with Maria. Tony's immediately wary but Luke explains he's looking after Carla's Lad Rags business too. Joe's thrilled when he gets a call from a developer asking to meet him to discuss a big kitchen job. Blanche tells Deirdre that apparently Ken bought an upmarket bottle of wine from the Corner Shop earlier. Deirdre assumes he must be planning a surprise evening in with her and sets about making his favourite dish - mousakka. Joe turns up for his meeting with the 'property developer' only to discover he's been duped and it's actually Len. Len tells him he wants to cut a deal.


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