Episode 702
Production code P228/702
ITV transmission date 6th September 1967 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Susan Pleat
Leslie Duxbury
Writer Geoffrey Lancashire
Designer Knowles Bentley
Director Richard Doubleday
Producer Jack Rosenthal
Previous episode 4th September 1967
Next episode 11th September 1967


The Rev. Bryan Hesketh marries Elsie and Steve. They exchange vows and rings. After photographer Gordon Bishop has taken the photographs, Elsie throws her bouquet to Ena. The party, including the Rev. Hesketh, move on to the Boar's Head. Concepta tells Lucille they want her to return to Ireland with them until she's of age. Lucille tells her that she's not going. After the meal Hilda, Emily and Annie flirt with the Yanks. Harry is exasperated at Concepta and Lucille's row but admits to Lucille that there's nothing for her in Ireland. Dennis and Gregg read the telegrams from Mrs Tanner, Frank Barlow, Jerry, Irma, Albert, Jim Mount, Capt Bill Myers, Miami Modes, Christine Appleby, Billy Walker, Florrie and Norman Lindley, Charlie Moffitt and Jed. Steve makes his speech. Emily and Annie get drunk. Len and Harry go to visit an old mate, Sid Bell. On the way the van breaks down. Harry tries to repair it. Lucille enjoys dancing with Gary Strauss. The Tanners leave for honeymoon in Lisbon. The jack slips from under the van and it falls onto Harry. A frantic Len and a Lorry Driver pull Harry out, severely injured. The party continues with the celebrants unaware what has happened.


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