Peter starts on the whisky for breakfast. Maria receives a letter from Carla's solicitor telling her Carla has signed over her share of Lad Rags to Maria. Luke enjoys bossing Tony around and constantly reminding him who's his new boss. Luke schmoozes Mark Appleton with some Manchester United tickets and Mark doubles his order. Luke's delighted whilst Tony's seething. Peter feels deserted and informs Jason that Michelle's left for Ireland to care for her sick mother. Tara has yet to sell a piece of artwork. Umed reckons Dev's been taken for a ride but Dev continues to defend Tara and her gallery. Peter's shifty when he bumps into Deirdre. Deirdre's concerned to hear the clinking of bottles in his shopping bag. Tony hires a private investigator to try and get some dirt on Luke. When Lloyd phones from Ibiza, Poppy chats to him which annoys Liz. Minnie tells Amber it's obvious Darryl's dreading her move to London. Tony does a double-take when he sees Rosie wearing Carla's cardigan. He rushes from the factory overcome by a panic attack. Deirdre confronts Peter about his drinking. He pushes her, tells her to back off and says he can handle it. Deirdre's concerns remain. Audrey tells Bill she'd like her £7,500 back that she loaned him for the Builder's Yard. Bill agrees though secretly he's worried as business is very slow. Natasha's thrilled when Tony invites her back to his flat for a drink.


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