Deirdre moans to Blanche that she could do with more support from Ken. Kevin reminds Sally that he and Tyrone are partners in the garage and Molly has as much right to see the books as she has. Sally isn't happy. Sally invites Tyrone and Molly for dinner intent on laying down the law. Audrey notices Peter's cut head and jokes that people will think he got drunk and fell over. Peter retorts that that's exactly what he did. Audrey's taken aback. Tara's despondent about the gallery and lack of sales. Dev tries to persuade Umed to phone the gallery pretending to be a London art critic. Ken spends the day with Martha on the boat. Martha asks him some awkward questions about his home life but Ken manages to side-step them. Julie tells Kirk she might be pregnant but later assures him it was a false alarm. Audrey tells Deirdre that Peter's back on the booze and that he fell over drunk. Tom apologises to Maria for suggesting Tony fancies her. They make up. Deirdre takes Simon back to the flat and whilst Peter's out she discovers all his empty whisky bottles. Peter returns to find Deirdre going through his things. He's furious and tells her to leave but she refuses demanding to know that Simon is safe in his care.


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