Norris is shocked to see Ramsay and refuses to speak to him. Rita and Emily are completely bemused by Norris's reaction to his half-brother. Fiz admits to Maria it's John who's acting as Chesney's teacher and she's been visiting him in prison. Maria thinks she's mad. Jason and Julie find a care home for Colin. They tell him it's not fantastic but it's all he can afford. Colin tells Eileen he regrets his affair with Paula and how it split the family up. Rita quizzes Norris about his half-brother. Norris infers that Ramsay did something terrible years ago but refuses to go into detail. Masquerading as Roy, Eddie loads up his trolley with booze in the cash and carry. Suddenly the alarm sounds and the manager arrives congratulating "Roy" on being their millionth customer. Eddie's stunned to find he's won a European weekend break. Jack lies to Molly and Tyrone telling them he's going to Blackpool for a couple of weeks by himself. Tyrone smells a rat. As Colin prepares to leave for the care home, Eileen has a last minute change of heart and tells him he can stay. Colin's delighted. Eddie tells Anna he's taking her to Paris for her upcoming birthday. Ramsay calls at No.3 looking for Norris. Emily lets him in but Norris is furious and insists he's not welcome. Ramsay has no choice but to leave.


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