Fiz is worried sick about Chesney. Blanche suggests to Peter they should get a stair lift installed at the flat. Lloyd's busily preparing his questions for the pub quiz that evening. Eddie finds Chesney hiding in the garden shed. Anna feels sorry for him and makes him a fry-up. Joe loads up his van despite the pain in his back. Gail's concerned for him but Joe takes some more painkillers insisting he's fine. Julie parks herself in the cab office wanting a sisterly chat with Eileen. Eileen can't wait to get rid of her much to Lloyd's amusement. Chesney tells Sophie how Fiz has been visiting John in prison. Luke creates a seaside theme in the back yard at No.7. Michelle's amused. Norris swots up on his general knowledge for the pub quiz. But when Rita tells him Ramsay will be joining them, Norris is furious and declares he won't be taking part. Chesney reluctantly agrees to go home when Kirk tells him Schmeichel has been pining for him. Sally, Kevin and Rosie are horrified when Sophie tells them Fiz is back with John Stape. Chesney asks Fiz if she's in love with John. Fiz is saved from answering by the Websters hammering on the door. Sally rows with Fiz accusing her of being John's accomplice in Rosie's kidnap. Fiz tries to deny it but Sally attacks her.


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