Peter tells Michelle he needs her. David discusses "the job" with Gary; Len becomes suspicious of the two. Hayley brings back the cardboard cut-out of Eddie to an angry Roy and a devastated Anna. Gary tells Len that David may be useful and seems to have a plan. Anna is humiliated and confronts Eddie about his latest scam. Michelle tells Peter neither of them are over their last partners and she's leaving. Sean is bored with his life and lack of love. Julie offers to help. Anna and Eddie apologise to Roy and Hayley. Eddie feels guilty that Anna may lose her job. Michelle, Maria and Ryan have an emotional goodbye, after Michelle and Peter catch each other's eye from down the Street, Michelle leaves. Sean discusses changing his name with Julie and Natasha and they discuss successful celebrities. Eddie tries to make it up to Anna by doing household chores. Hayley tells Anna she still has her job and Eddie that he'll have to repay her and Roy. Eddie is full of remorse. Roy thinks going on the Paris trip would be dishonest, Hayley really wants to go. Peter admits to Ken that he is struggling to stay off alcohol. David steals Joe's new bottle of pills. Peter struggles to resist a bottle of Blanche's sherry and breaks down.


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