Chesney tells Fiz he's only living with her until he's sixteen then he'll be off as soon as he can. Fiz is hurt. Luke tells Tony they're struggling to pay the VAT bill never mind refurbishing the factory. Tina hands David a get well card for Ted and suggests they meet for a drink later. David's quietly chuffed. Tony promises Maria he's there for her and insists she can call him day or night. He offers to sleep on the sofa and Maria's touched. Pam and Bill have lunch at the Builder's Yard. They enjoy each other's company. Fiz gets a call from John's personal officer telling her John's suffering from clinical depression. Fiz is deeply worried and pours her problems out to Hayley. Gary arrives back from court and tells Audrey how David set him up to burgle her house. Audrey's suspicious whilst David tries to laugh it off. Kevin and Molly arrange to go running together. Luke tells the factory girls there's no money for a refurb unless they all chip in and become shareholders in Underworld. Audrey voices her suspicions about David to Gail and Ted and demands that he tells them the truth.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Gary makes sure Audrey hears his side of the story, leaving her suspicious of David's involvement in the burglary; Fiz turns to Hayley for comfort; and Pam and Bill enjoy spending time together.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,250,000 viewers (5th place).
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