Ashley wakes up in Peter's flat with a hangover. He goes home intent on making up with Claire but she refuses to let him in. Graeme works on the Peacocks' back yard. Claire's irritated when he offers her relationship advice. The mains water is switched off because of a burst in Rosamund Street. Umed cashes in and jacks up the price of bottled water in the Corner Shop. Amber's disapproving. Slug calls in the Rovers. He admits to Becky he's still in love with her and wants her back. Becky's stunned. Kevin's regretful as he watches Tyrone and Molly leave for Tenerife. Under pressure, Connie finally takes Jack round to her house. He's taken aback to discover Connie lives in a mansion. Norris is delighted with his surgical shoes but he suspects Ramsay might be behind them. Claire's ironing and Freddie's sat on the settee when suddenly she collapses in agony. Wondering why Claire hasn't turned up for work, Lloyd calls round. He finds her unconscious on the floor. Panicking, Lloyd calls an ambulance.


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