Helen remarks that Maria was out late the night before and Maria admits that she went for a drink with Tony. Jesse has stayed over with Eileen at No.11. Jason invites Sean to go to the gym this afternoon. Sean doesn't want Jason talking to Leon so agrees. Claire tells Ashley that she is leaving hospital later. He reassures her that he will be going ahead with the vasectomy operation. Helen suggests to Maria that they take the baby shopping. Tony arrives with a gift for Liam - some books for when he is older. Maria is deflated when Helen and Barry say they'll be staying a while longer. Maria cancels the shopping trip. Helen demands to know if she's seeing Tony instead and says that everyone thinks they are a couple. Claire returns home and Ashley sets off for his appointment. Claire tells Eileen about the vasectomy but asks her not to tell anyone. Barry tries to ease Helen's concerns about Tony's motives. Maria tells Tony about the row with Helen and that gossips think they are an item. Tony's unsettled. Lloyd and Eileen tell Peter about Ashley's operation. Norris is taken aback to discover that Freda also dislikes Ramsay. She finds him irritating and too eager to please. Eileen informs Jason and Tina that No.12 is up for auction. Joe is alarmed to learn from Graeme that another supply of painkillers will cost £50. Peter accompanies Ashley to the clinic for moral support. Lloyd drives them. Joe searches No.8 for money. He takes some from Gail's handbag, hating himself for doing so. Sean finds Jason chatting to Leon in the gym. He's relieved that they were only talking about football and Jason still doesn't realise that Leon's gay. Tony suggests to Barry that Helen's concern for the baby is suffocating Maria. Barry is affronted and challenges Tony on his feelings for Maria. Tony tells him if they don't leave, Maria will push them away and they will lose their grandson.


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