Joe is exhausted and restless as Gail is just starting to come to terms with his addiction to painkillers. Eddie shows Roy his grand design for the wedding cake but Roy's unimpressed. Chesney asks Fiz if she'll alter his overalls for him. Fiz is just glad he's talking to her. Tony apologises to Michelle and they agree to put their differences behind them. Rosie threatens to withdraw her investment if Luke doesn't stop sniffing round Michelle. To appease her, Luke promises to market her underwear designs. Fiz visits John wearing her engagement ring. John assumes she's got it back from the jewellers and Fiz is forced to lie to him. The doctor wants to prescribe Joe with dihydrocodine to alleviate his withdrawal but Joe refuses any more drugs. The doctor tells Gail that the only way Joe will get through the next few weeks is with her full support. Maria and baby Liam arrive back from Ireland. Tony's delight is evident. David tells Joe that he's just a junkie and he's going to make Gail think Joe led him astray by forcing him to score painkillers for him. Joe tells David he's twisted. Gail admits to Audrey that she's not sure she wants to be with Joe any more but feels she has no choice at the moment. Slug demands cash from Becky. When she's not forthcoming he threatens to turn up at her wedding. Steve watches the exchange from a distance. Maria drops the bombshell that she's thinking of moving to Ireland. Tony's secretly devastated.


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