Maria and Tony pussyfoot round each other, neither daring to admit their true feelings. Graeme builds a 'Blackpool Tower' out of sausages. Ashley accuses him of taking the mickey out his vasectomy. Michelle's delighted to see Maria and the baby and suggests that she could rent No.7 from her when she moves to Ireland. Maria's non-committal. Tina quizzes Joe and then Graeme about the drugs. She realises how David took advantage of her dad. Maria admits to Fiz that she's in love with Tony. Fiz reckons that she should just tell him. Claire's looking forward to a romantic evening with Ashley but he's secretly worried she'll discover that he never went through with the vasectomy. He decides the only way out is to get drunk. Becky arranges for Jim to attend the wedding as a surprise for Steve but Steve's concerned, wondering what she's up to. Maria's about to admit her feelings for Tony when she bottles out and searching for something to say, asks him if he'd like to be Liam's godfather. Tina confronts David. She accuses him of feeding Joe's drug habit and tells him if he ever crosses her or Joe again he'll regret it. Tony finally admits his true feelings and tells Maria that he doesn't want her to leave. Maria kisses him and it quickly becomes more passionate.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tina uncovers evidence that David took advantage of her father's addiction; and Maria's suggestion that she could move to Ireland forces her and Tony to face up to their true feelings.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,000,000 viewers (2nd place).

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Graeme Proctor (to Ashley and Claire Peacock): "I used to love the zoo, me... 'til I got barred. I tried tellin' em that marmoset must have crawled into me duffle bag while I was eating me pastie but, fell on deaf ears."

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