David and Tina row in the flat. Tina tells him how much she hates him. David eventually leaves but it's clear Tina's unnerved. Amber celebrates getting her grades for university. Darryl suggests he could move to London with her but Amber's dismissive. Graeme sets up his own gardening business called "Graeme Proctor, Garden Doctor". He buys a rickshaw to cart his tools round. Joe moves into a B&B telling Gail they need some space. Gail agrees and Joe's disappointed hoping she'd object. Steve and Becky arrive at the pub only to find that Slug left fifteen minutes ago. They leave his photo with the landlady and ask her to phone if he reappears. Jason's furious when he finds out David has been harassing Tina. He sets off to find him, determined to teach him a lesson. Eileen's frustrated at the way Jesse is permanently at his mother's beck and call. She suggests he moves into No.11 with her but Jesse's not keen. Eileen's miffed. Liz admits to Betty she thinks she's hit the menopause and that's why she ran off to Spain. David is jumped on and assaulted in the Street. Jason arrives home and refuses to tell Tina where he's been. Gail's horrified when David arrives home covered in blood.


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