Eileen is horrified to discover she's been burgled and the TV, DVD player and radio are missing. In her panic, she fails to spot Jesse's parrot escaping. Leanne tells Janice that she has split up with her boyfriend. Jesse discovers his van has also been stolen. He's mortified to find that John is missing. Blanche tells Peter about Leanne's return. He dashes round to see her and they arrange to meet for lunch. Joe asks Bill to notify him if there's any work for him. Sally shows Kevin a holiday brochure. He dismisses the idea as too expensive. Amber apologises to Darryl for their row the night before. He tells her that he saw her kissing Mitch and finishes with her. Leanne and Peter lunch in Roy's Rolls. Leanne's impressed by how Peter's dealing with his drinking. He thanks her for helping him realise his problems. Sally reveals to Kevin that Rosie has agreed to pay for their holiday. Kevin and Molly are less than happy with the news. The police investigate Eileen's robbery. Sean admits that he brought a bloke home last night and he must have robbed them. Eileen and Jesse are stunned. Leanne pretends to Peter that her relationship is going well. He fibs that he's been living like a monk since she left. He asks her to come back for good. She realises that she can't trust him and walks out.


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Jesse Chadwick: "Can you see a van?"
Darryl Morton: "No... can you?"
Jesse Chadwick: "Could have sworn I left it there (glancing across at an empty Street). Once lost a car in Legoland... have you seen the size of that car park?"

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