Leanne and Peter have spent the night together. Peter's elated but Leanne's keen not to rush things. Sally prepares for the holiday. Kevin books himself and Molly a motel room for tomorrow afternoon. Jesse learns that his van has turned up and goes to collect it. Simon's overjoyed to see Leanne. Leanne's suspicious when he mentions Michelle but Peter glosses over it. Rosie's unimpressed to see Michelle back in town. Leanne tricks Michelle into divulging her one-night stand with Peter. Norris informs Emily that Ramsay's funeral is set for tomorrow. She says she will spread the word. Norris thinks nobody will be interested. Leanne confronts Peter about Michelle. He tries to explain but she calls him a compulsive liar and says they're finished. Eileen's annoyed when John the parrot turns up in her back yard. Jesse's delighted. Janice tries to persuade Leanne not to leave. Leanne refuses to talk to Peter and throws items of Janice's shopping at him from the window. Emily suggests to Norris that he give the eulogy at the funeral. He refuses. Peter tells Blanche that he's blown it with Leanne. Molly's alarmed to learn that Jack's leaving drinks clash with her planned tryst with Kevin. Blanche instructs Leanne to consider Simon's feelings. Blanche says if Leanne intends to leave again, she must stay away for good. Leanne's thoughtful.


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