Emily leaves early for work at the hospital. Norris is worried as she seems distracted. Tyrone apologises to Molly and insists on cooking lunch for her. Molly reluctantly agrees. Julie goes with Fiz to look for a wedding dress in their lunch hour. Fiz informs Kirk where she's going but says she wants to tell Chesney. Norris is concerned when Emily returns from work early. He tells her to get back to normal and they argue. Liz gets fed up waiting for Leanne's decision so asks Michelle to cover in the Rovers instead. Audrey calls to see Emily, who is feeling very down. Emily admits she's sick of losing loved ones and having to pick herself up. Audrey comforts her. Tyrone serves Molly a Chinese takeaway, wearing nothing but an apron. Molly's gobsmacked and delighted. Tyrone enjoys seeing her laugh. Kirk lets slip to Chesney about Fiz marrying John in prison. Chesney storms round to the factory looking for his sister. Luke makes an excuse to avoid a date with Rosie. Emily and Norris call an uneasy truce. Fiz has bought shoes for her wedding. Chesney confronts her. She tries to explain but he throws the shoes, smashing an ornament. Steve, Becky and Leanne are annoyed to see Liz has employed Michelle. Norris tells Emily that Ramsay has bequeathed him everything he had. He insists that he doesn't want any of it.


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