Norris reveals that Ramsay has left him £127,000 and all his worldly goods. Sophie and Ben search the internet for Australian holidays for Emily. Emily's grateful for their thoughtfulness and is moved when Sophie asks her to speak at her baptism. Fiz cannot bring herself to tell John about her row with Chesney. She squirms when he tells her that he's made special arrangements so that Chesney can be at the wedding. Rosie finds Luke in the Rovers. He tells her that his night out was postponed. Liz notes Michelle's attraction to Luke. Norris undertakes an impromptu stock-taking to avoid going home to open a trunk containing Ramsay's belongings. Rosie takes Luke back to No.4. They sleep together but he can't wait to get away. He returns to the Rovers and chats up Michelle. Rita and Emily encourage Norris to open the trunk but he claims he is not interested. Kirk admits to Fiz that he told Chesney about the wedding. Fiz is despondent as she can't seem to please anybody. Sophie asks Rosie how it feels to be in love. She thinks she's falling in love with Ben. Norris informs Emily that he doesn't want Ramsay's money. He gives the trunk to Emily for the charity shop. He shouts at her to respect his feelings.


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