Jason and Tina host a party at No.12. David turns up uninvited with a girl called Zoe. Tina's wary but polite to Zoe. The factory girls watch Luke and Michelle dancing. Graeme tries to chat up Natasha but repeatedly offends her. Chesney and Fiz row. He calls round to No.6 to see Eddie but he's working. Gary invites him in and gives him a can of lager. Rosie barges into the party and grabs Michelle by the hair. They fight in the Street. Ryan's embarrassed by Michelle's behaviour in front of Sian. Norris tells Tina that he's now the sole proprietor of The Kabin. Julie persuades Fiz to attend the party. Anna treats it as a secret hen night. The guests sing Happy Birthday to Fiz. She's touched. Sophie suggests a girls' night in with a DVD. Rosie agrees. Teresa and Julie have a dance-off. Chesney explains his hatred of John to Gary. Sophie and Rosie are watching a DVD together. While Sophie goes to the toilet, Rosie gets an idea. Luke takes Michelle back to his flat. Ryan serenades Sian by playing guitar and singing Hallelujah. Darryl talks to Amber about university. She admits she hates it. She asks him to kiss her and he obliges. Rosie stands below Luke's balcony and drops her dressing gown to reveal her underwear. Michelle and Luke are disgusted.


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