Episode 7181
Production code P694/7181
ITV transmission date 9th October 2009
(Friday - Part 2)
Script editor Kathryn Pugsley
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Catherine Cookson
Mark Bickerton
Writer Joe Turner
Designer Alan Davis (Uncredited)
Director Pip Short
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Kim Crowther
Previous episode 9th October 2009
Next episode 12th October 2009


Kevin lies to Sally saying the reason his picture isn't on the website is because he pulled out of the race after two miles. Sally believes him. Peter and Leanne excitedly discuss their plans for the new bar. Tony and Maria starting planning baby Liam's christening. Tony suggests they go out for dinner the night before until he realises it's the anniversary of Liam's death. Ken and Emily's joint birthday party takes place in the Rovers. Lloyd is the DJ. Lloyd asks Liz for a dance and tries to kiss her but she pushes him away. Lloyd feels humiliated. Norris sacks Sheila from The Kabin and for the first time Sheila is rendered speechless. Leanne asks Peter if running a bar is really the right thing for a recovering alcoholic, but Peter assures her he'll be fine. Lloyd discovers he and Teresa like the same music. He invites her back to his flat. Kevin and Sally go for an anniversary drink in the Rovers. Sally tells Molly that she knows they didn't finish the race. Molly keeps schtum. Lloyd and Teresa get drunk on tequila and they kiss passionately. Ken finds out that Peter and Leanne are thinking of opening a bar. Ken, Deirdre and Blanche think it's a recipe for a disaster - an alcoholic and an arsonist. Peter's angry at their lack of confidence in him.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Blanche Hunt: "An alcoholic and an arsonist open a bar. It sounds like the start of a joke."

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