Lloyd has a hangover and regrets spending the night with Teresa. However, Teresa's walking on air and nips to the Corner Shop to buy breakfast. Tyrone's upset and accuses Molly of no longer being interested in him. Molly tries to make light of it and leaves for work. To Tony's relief, Kirk moves out of No.7 and into No.9 with Molly and Tyrone. Teresa's proudly telling Darryl about her night with Lloyd when Lloyd drives past in his cab he's clearly doing a runner. Teresa's gutted. Liz apologises to Lloyd and tells him she'd like to give their relationship another go. Lloyd's delighted but worried she'll find out about his night with Teresa. Tyrone tells Kevin he's worried and wants to talk to him about Molly. Leanne returns from the bank feeling despondent. She explains to Peter that although the bank will lend them some money, it's not nearly enough. Liz is furious when she hears Peter and Leanne want to open a bar at the end of the Street. As Lloyd and Liz get ready to go on a date, Michelle unwittingly lets slip how Lloyd spent last night with Teresa. Liz is furious and calls Teresa a "tragic slapper".


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Sean Tully: "I'm having trouble with me machine, the needle's... impacted".
Tony Gordon: "Impacted? Oh, that's a very long word. Perhaps you should help Luke with The Guardian crossword".
Luke Strong: "Rapier-like satire!"


Peter Barlow: "You spend less than Blanche. To be honest, I don't even know why you bother coming in 'ere".
Kirk Sutherland: "Cos usually, it's full of total losers and it makes me feel better about meself".

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