Ena realises the sender must be Jack Brown, Ian Sharples's Godfather. She sends for him. Elsie cries off from showing Emmeline Tanner around Lancaster Castle. Jack tells Ena he is not the sender, but reminds her that Henry Foster called Ian 'half-pint' as well. Emmeline discovers a 'sick' Elsie preparing to go to the cinema with May Trickett. Hilda decides to get a decorator in. Elsie tells Emmeline she's married to Steve whether she likes it or not. Jerry does some detective work and finds Henry Foster's address for Ena. Val catches Ken's cold. Emily makes contact with man No.2 - Douglas Preston. Emmeline tells Steve that Elsie has an inferiority complex and is a disappointment to her. Elsie overhears and tells Steve that perhaps she should leave. Ena goes to St. Anne's to call on Henry.


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