Episode 7196
Production code P694/7196
ITV transmission date 30th October 2009
(Friday - Part 1)
Script editor Kathryn Pugsley
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Catherine Cookson
Mark Bickerton
Writer Joe Turner
Designer Alan Davis (Uncredited)
Director Tony Prescott
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Kim Crowther
Previous episode 29th October 2009
Next episode 30th October 2009


Roy's on his way home when he comes across Tony who's struggling to breathe and clearly in a lot of pain. Roy phones for an ambulance. Kevin and Molly agree that they'll lie to Pam, tell her their relationship is over and then resume their affair once the dust has settled. Jake calls in the Rovers wrapped only in a towel. He asks Michelle out for dinner telling her if she refuses his offer he'll drop the towel. Michelle agrees to meet him. Simon's put out when Peter won't let him go trick or treating. Tony's taken to hospital. The Registrar tells Roy that Tony has suffered a massive heart attack and is unlikely to survive the night. Roy tries in vain to contact Maria. Leanne agrees to help Peter out at the bookies on an ad hoc basis. Tony talks to Roy about his family history of heart disease. Roy listens patiently. Roy tells Tony about his bat-watch meetings. Tony's scathing and tells Roy to bog off back to his "man-wife". Roy leaves feeling hurt. Molly convinces Pam that she and Kevin have seen the error of their ways thanks to her and ended their affair. Pam's pleased and gives Molly a hug. Jake picks Michelle up in his truck. Ryan and Ben see her off. Tony asks for Roy to return. He apologises to Roy and thanks him for saving his life. Tony makes it clear he knows he's only got a few hours left and asks Roy to stay with him. Roy silently prepares for a long night.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Roy finds Tony having a heart attack, and doctors fear the factory boss is not going to make it through the night; and Molly is relieved when Kevin refuses to end their affair.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,130,000 viewers (9th place).
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