Maria tells Carla how Tony's confessed to Liam's murder. Carla feigns ignorance and tells Maria the reason she left was because she was still in love with Liam and could no longer live a lie with Tony. Maria believes her. Sally studies the garage books. She's furious to see profits are down and all sorts of miscellaneous expense claims. Tyrone can't explain it. Becky and Hayley do their best to cheer Roy up but he's worryingly quiet. Dev takes Bernie for a drink in the Rovers. Steve realises that like him, Dev is also having secret golf lessons. Steve makes Bernie promise not to say anything. Audrey and David are bitching about Joe in the salon when Audrey receives an invitation to the Weatherfield Council Christmas party. Kevin and Molly meet in the motel. When Sally phones and leaves a message on Kevin's mobile they fear the worst. Leanne quizzes Carla wanting to know if she was aware that Tony killed Liam, but Carla lies to her too and denies all knowledge. Audrey invites Norris to accompany her to the Weatherfield Council Christmas do. Kevin arrives home and is relieved when it's clear Sally knows nothing of his affair and is simply angry about the state of the garage accounts. Carla is questioned by the police. She denies all knowledge of Tony's crime and lies saying she hasn't seen Tony since February.


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