Elsie agrees not to take the job at Miami Modes but is unhappy about Germany. To make sure she doesn't take the job, Steve phones up behind her back and cancels the job. Emily agrees to end her friendship with Douglas Preston because of Amy's possessiveness. Ena gives Len a gold watch to sell for the Mayor's Christmas Fund. He wonders where she got it from. Peter Barlow throws his fire engine at Val and gives her a black eye. Albert believes Ken hit Val. Amy Preston calls Emily a selfish, grasping woman and orders her out of her brother's life. Ken is amazed as the residents think he hit Val. Jack guesses the watch is a present from Henry Foster for her birthday. Major Ryan tells Elsie that Steve asked for the transfer to Germany. He tells her that he'll turn the transfer down if she promises to try to be a serviceman's wife. Jerry returns the watch to Ena telling her that she shouldn't get rid of birthday presents. Steve is angry about Germany and tells Elsie she does need a new life - away from Coronation Street. He tells her they'll move to married quarters at Burtonwood. She refuses. Emily tells Douglas she is the right woman for him.


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