Janice argues with Trevor the binman when he refuses to empty her wheelie bin. When Rosie says she's "nil by mouth" as she's due for her operation at 2pm, Sophie tells her she's "nil by brain" and Kevin warns her the surgeon might slip with his knife. Tyrone suggests to Molly that they should go for a drink together but she's quick to slap him down. Tyrone leaves the Corner Shop feeling crushed. Whilst Gail's out, Joe phones the life insurance company. Becky wanders aimlessly about clutching the binbag of her mother's things. Kevin insists he accompanies Rosie to the plastic surgery clinic. Rosie's grateful. Steve makes Kelly tell Becky that nothing went on between them but Becky says she doesn't care. Mary winds Tina up with her constant singing in The Kabin. Kevin and Rosie have a heart-to-heart about why she wants to change her body image. Tyrone snaps and tells Molly that if she's not willing to give their marriage another chance he wants her out of his life for good. Molly's taken aback. Rosie breaks down and tells Kevin she can't go through with her boob job. Sensing there's something wrong, Hayley persuades Becky to come back to café. As Becky empties the binbag onto the table, she explains to Roy and Hayley that her mother has died. Roy and Hayley are shocked.


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