Peter's hung-over as he apologises to Leanne for letting her down. Leanne's angry and upset. Gail and Joe set off for the Lakes with the boat. Janice bumps into Peter and gives him a mouthful telling him how he's let everyone down - but especially Leanne. Rick comes looking for Joe. David explains how Joe's gone away for a few days. Worried Tina tells David that Rick is a loan shark and Joe's got huge debts. Leanne's concerned when she discovers Peter's gone missing. Ken, Deirdre, George and Leanne check the local pubs but there's no sign of him. As Gail and Joe prepare to set sail in the boat, Jane and Mark Kenworthy introduce themselves explaining that they live in a neighbouring cottage. George agrees to look after Simon whilst Leanne continues to look for Peter. Gail and Joe set off on the boat. Joe's in his element whilst Gail's clearly terrified. Peter lets himself into The Joinery and helps himself to the wine left over from the party. Joe suggests to Gail he fakes his own death and disappears for seven years allowing her to cash in his life insurance policy. Gail's stunned realising he's got it all worked out.


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