Episode 726
Production code P228/726
ITV transmission date 29th November 1967 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Susan Pleat
Leslie Duxbury
Writer Leslie Duxbury
Designer Knowles Bentley
Director Les Chatfield
Producer Michael Cox
Previous episode 27th November 1967
Next episode 4th December 1967


Jack tries to get seats at Maine Road for Annie but she refuses, wanting to see the crowd's behaviour from the terraces. Irma returns to work, against David's wishes. Ena summons Dennis and asks what he intends to do about Wally Tanner. She advises him to check the source of the £70. Wally cheers Irma up with compliments. Jack talks Stan, Jerry and Len into going to the match with Annie and Lucille but she confiscates Stan's toilet roll. Dennis visits his father and discovers the £70 is back-rent that Wally owes him and Norah and his health is perfect. Wally tells Dennis he's bought the stone for £60 and gives him the other £10 for rent. Annie causes trouble on the bus when she acts high and mighty with a man. Irma tells David the miscarriage has scared her and she doesn't want another baby. Annie gets into the match and thoroughly enjoys it. Dennis tells Minnie that Wally is staying. When some rival supporters, George Naylor and Lenny Johnson, slag City off outside a chip shop, Annie retaliates. Ken suggests adoption to David. The two men insult Annie. She disarms them of their rattles and throws them away - they smash the window of a shoe repair shop. They are all arrested by a passing policewoman.


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Guest castEdit



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