Steve chides Liz for making a pass at Ciaran last night. Liz feels embarrassed. Steve goes to the Corner Shop for crackers to satisfy Becky's craving. Dev tells Steve and Molly that he's blown it with Sunita. Jason struggles to comfort grieving Tina. She decides she wants to see the lake where Joe died. Becky spends the morning in the toilet throwing up. Janice and Carla express concern for Leanne, who's working round the clock to keep the betting shop open. Exhausted Leanne agrees to a night out with Carla. Ciaran arrives for work and tells Liz not to give last night another thought. He tells her she's an attractive woman but he could not date his boss. Liz is grateful and flattered. Becky surreptitiously downs a vodka. Gail is being plagued by dreams of Joe. Molly's surprised when Sunita calls in at the shop looking for Dev, who's out. Sunita goes to wait in the Rovers for him and is shocked to see Ciaran behind the bar. The police tell Gail and David that they intend to question Rick. Gail wonders if he was responsible for Joe's death. Dev is upset to see Sunita and Ciaran chatting in the pub and leaves without a word. Leanne is taken aback when Peter arrives at the flat. Liz tells Steve she thinks that Becky's drunk. Steve's outraged to find that she's been drinking vodka and remonstrates with her. Becky stuns him by telling him that she's miscarried before fleeing from the pub.


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