Audrey and David head down to the police station to wait for Gail. Peter bangs on George's door and demands to see Simon. George says that he's asleep and refuses to let him in. They begin to row and Leanne summons Ken. Kelly admits to causing the spillage in the factory. Teresa's incensed and flies at her. Carla witnesses the row and sacks Teresa. Kelly's triumphant. Norris is still refusing to celebrate his birthday, claiming he's now on borrowed time. Fiz intercepts John's order for some teaching magazines. She tackles him and he tells her he's not yet ready to give up on his vocation. Becky visits Steve in the cab office and they make up. Tina and Jason arrive at the police station. Gail's shocked when the police tell her that Rick was not involved in Joe's death. She recounts her story again. Carla's amused when Trevor still thinks she's a cleaner and arranges to meet him for a drink. Ken persuades Peter to collect Simon tomorrow and they leave. George confides in Eve that he doesn't think Peter's fit to look after Simon. Teresa tells Kelly she's apologised to Carla and will resume work next week. Mary gives Norris his birthday present - a toupee. Norris is speechless. The police show Gail the insurance document bearing her signature. She claims it must be a forgery but is horrified to realise that they suspect her of murder.


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