Peter's worried sick about Simon. The police assure him they're doing everything they can to find Simon and that he and Leanne would be best to go home. Rita returns from her cruise. Norris is thrilled to have her back. Molly faints in the Corner Shop. Sunita escorts her to the Medical Centre. Gail tells Tina she intends to go to Joe's funeral. Tina remains hostile. Nick has a meeting with Carla and agrees to buy Tony's share of Underworld. The factory girls wonder what's going on. Joe's funeral takes place. Tina's overwrought and runs from the church. Jason follows her and tries to calm her down. Molly arrives back from hospital in a state of shock. She tries to talk to Kevin but he makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her. Whilst Kevin's back is turned, Molly leaves an envelope addressed to him on a car windscreen. Gail addresses the congregation and tells them how much Joe meant to her. Tina goes ballistic and accuses her of lying and covering up the circumstances surrounding Joe's death. The vicar tries to calm things down. Simon returns home having found his way from Blackpool. Leanne's thrilled and Peter cries tears of relief as he hugs his son. Kevin opens the envelope from Molly to find a baby-scan photo. Kevin's stunned. Tina phones the police and reports Gail for covering up Joe's death.


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