Sophie's upset over Sian. She feigns illness and refuses to go to school. Anna and Eddie tell Gary that they're thinking of adopting a child. Gary's supportive telling them they're brilliant parents. Anna looks at Gary with pride. Kevin apologises to Tyrone and offers to service his car for him. Tyrone accepts and they agree to be mates again. Fiz invites Julie round for her tea to say sorry for giving her the cold shoulder the previous evening. Julie wonders if John's got any single colleagues at the furniture factory who she could meet. Fiz is quietly worried. Kevin continues to put pressure on Molly to have an abortion but Molly goes ballistic and screams at him to get out of the shop. Pam tells Kevin what she thinks of him. A sixth-former called Lucie offers to show John round the school. Lloyd finds Cheryl's mobile in his cab. He goes to return it and sees Cheryl heading into a strip club. Tearful Anna sees Gary off as he returns to the army, but she's shocked when she gets a call from Gary's warrant officer to say that Gary's gone AWOL. Molly and Tyrone set off in the car to visit Diggory, unaware that Kevin hasn't finished servicing it and some of the parts are lying on the garage forecourt. Kevin's horrified to see Tyrone and Molly driving off, realising the danger they're in.


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