Lewis tells Audrey that she may have started as a client but now she means a lot more to him. Audrey's walking on air. David spies Gary sneaking through the garden at No.6. David pokes fun at Gary for going AWOL from the army but promises to keep schtum. After dinner, Mary wheels in a trolley laden with magazines. She makes Norris spend the evening entering competitions until he's fit to drop. Sophie starts work at the Corner Shop. Sunita quizzes her about her boyfriend trouble, but all Sophie wants to talk about is Sian. Sunita's amused. Nick takes a business call and cancels his date with Natasha. She's very disappointed. Lewis goes on a date with a dreadful client. He can't wait to get back to Audrey's house. Tyrone and Molly fantasise about their new house and new life. Lewis arrives at Audrey's and makes himself very much at home. He throws off his tie and goes to make tea. Audrey's like a love-struck schoolgirl.


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