Norris plans to go for a walk, however his plan is thwarted when he discovers the laces missing from his boots. Mary acts surprised. Lewis calls in the Salon with flowers for Audrey. She's thrilled until he cancels their date that evening explaining he's got a new client. Rita's concerned about Tina. Graeme tells her that when he's been cleaning Tina's windows he's noticed the flat doesn't look lived in. Carla insists that Nick spends the evening at a business meeting. Nick realises that'll mean cancelling Natasha for the third evening on the trot. David can't bear to see Anna suffer any longer and tells her that Gary's alive and well and has been camping out at Len's house. Norris tells Mary he's had enough of her obsession with competitions and he's going to phone Rita and ask her to come and collect him. Mary's put out. Anna and Eddie spot Gary in an alleyway. They give chase and eventually catch up with him. Anna cries tears of relief. Norris discovers the phone is out of order. Mary happily points out he'll have to stay another night. Tina emerges from the flat. She follows Graeme into the butchers and tells him he's sacked from cleaning her windows because she knows he gossips about her. Graeme and Ashley are shocked as Tina collapses on the floor of the shop.


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