Episode 7335
Production code P694/7335
ITV transmission date 7th May 2010
(Friday - Part 2)
Script editor Sarah Mann
Story editor Iain MacLeod
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Lee O'Donnell
Martin Sterling
Catherine Cookson
Daniel Dockery
Rick Laxton
Writer Jayne Hollinson
Designer Alan Davis (Uncredited)
Director Stuart Davids
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Kim Crowther
Previous episode 7th May 2010
Next episode 10th May 2010


Steve's furious with Becky for upsetting Dawn. Contrite Becky explains that she's had trouble dealing with social workers ever since she was little. Ken finds a box of Blanche's belongings under her bed. Deirdre shouts at him for going through her mother's room again. She's startled when Ken confesses how much he misses Blanche. Graeme coaches Kirk on how to behave during his date with Izzy. Amy gets upset about Blanche and, as Becky consoles her, Steve arrives with Dawn and they eavesdrop. Dawn's impressed and advises them to proceed with their application. Becky's grateful for Steve's well-timed intervention. Kirk's nervous around Izzy but she forgives him for using Jason's photo to attract her and they enjoy each other's company. Fiz and Julie comfort Sean who's still miserable about not seeing his son. After polishing off a bottle of wine, Julie encourages Sean to contact Violet via Facebook. Sean sends a friend request. Ken helps Deirdre to write the eulogy for Blanche's funeral. Deirdre hopes that Tracy will be let out of prison in order to attend. Steve and Becky look forward to getting on with the adoption process. In prison, Tracy tearfully beseeches the Governor to release her for her grandmother's funeral. The governor agrees. Tracy's delighted.


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